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                                                            Company Profile

     Inner Mongolia Komway Import and Export Co., Ltd. is located 100 meters west of Nanhai Wucun, Civil Aviation District, Donghe District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, with a registered capital of 3 million RMB. Established in 1999, our company specializes in the processing and production of bee products and the exportation of agricultural products.  The company covers an area of 4,608 square meters and a building area of 3,000 square meters, with comprehensive production and processing workshops, a boiler room, a laboratory, an administrative office building, and warehouses. The company has set up general manager's office, finance department, international business department, domestic business department, quality inspection department, production department and other departments, respectively responsible for the company's daily management, domestic and foreign business, quality control and production processing. At present, there are more than 100 employees engaged in production, sales, quality inspection, and finance.

    The company's main products currently include honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and beeswax spleen, of which honey processing and production are mainly sold domestically and abroad. There are world honey resources within a range of less than 300 kilometers around Baotou. With good geographical advantages, the company processes and produces about 1,000 tons of honey annually for domestic and foreign customers, and its sales account for about 90% of its operating income. The exported products are mainly sold to Japan, the United States, France and other countries, and there is also a small amount of trade with Mongolia. The exported products have never had any claims for quality problems. The company has established raw material export bases for bee products in the Baqiangqi area, Baotou Tuyouqi area and Ordos. It has successively filed and managed nearly 1,000 beekeepers and beekeeping professional households. The quarantine bureau has filed for the record and has the right to operate foreign trade for import and export enterprises. It is also an enterprise with the qualification to export EU bee products in Inner Mongolia.

       The company has established an advanced bee product laboratory in accordance with international standards, and implemented a traceable quality system for production management to ensure that product quality fully complies with international standards. In 2012, it passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification and HACCP system certification, and obtained Santong products Certification (in the same production line, according to the same standards, so that domestic and foreign products reach the same quality level), greatly enhancing the competitiveness of our products in the international market. The company has gradually developed the domestic market, and the series of bee products produced have been listed and sold in Inner Mongolia. The sales channels are mainly sent directly from the company's sales department to supermarket pharmacies.

Driven by our dedication and care, we have won many awards:

In 2005, our company's "Corolla" trademark was rated as "Baotou City's well-known trademark";

In 2007,  we were named as "Integrity Unit" by Inner Mongolia Consumers Association;

In 2013, our "Corolla" honey won the "Gold Award" of the products exhibited at the 11th China International Agricultural Products Fair;

In 2013, Baotou Municipal People's Government praised us as "Key Leading Enterprise of Baotou Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industrialization";

In 2015, we were named "2015 Inner Mongolia Food Safety Integrity Enterprise Demonstration Unit" by Inner Mongolia Food Safety Year,

In 2016, we were awarded "Agricultural Leading Enterprise" by Donghe District People's Government of Baotou City.

In 2017, we wererated as "China Quality Credit Enterprise" by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association,

The "Huaguan" trademark was registered in Hong Kong in December 2017.

     We firmly believe in providing only the best to our clients and customers and our mission is to provide consumers safe, high-quality, and healthy bee products and to always to strive for better.