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Inner Mongolia's beautiful and unique natural geographical environment 

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s straight light distance from east to west is more than 2400 kms and from north to south spans around 1700 kms. Geographically ranging from 97o10' E to 126o29' E  and from 37o24' N to 53o20' N. The area covers 1.183 million square kilometers of land, accounting for 12.3% of the total land of China, which is equivalent to twice of France. This large area neighbors 8 provinces and regions in the east, south, southwest and is adjacent to Mongolia and Russia, with a 4221 km-long border.

Inner Mongolia has the temperate continental climate; With annual precipitation falling ranging from 600mm in the east to less than 50mm in the west, it’s categorized as semi-arid and arid regions. On the Inner Mongolia Plateau, the terrain is flat and endless. The eastern part is characterized by temperate pastures and cold temperate forests, and gradually transitions to the western desert. The Yellow River flows through the middle region and forms the Hetao Plain. Diverse natural geographical conditions have created a rich environment for a variety of nectar plants.