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We have established ISO9002 quality management system and HACCP quality. Our quality traceability system allows us to trace every single drop of honey to its origin. 

Our production management system provides details of how to keep our products pure, clear and away from human contacts.We believe our employees are at the forefront in implementing specifications and regulations. We selected outstanding and talented graduates from professional technical colleges to receive professional training by Inner Mongolia Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. All of our employees were also required to participate in monthly trainings and field practices.  In accordance with the national requirements of the State Administration of Commodity Inspection, we added new equipment for testing antibiotics and provided customized professional training for our testing personnels. Laboratory personnel are also required to strictly follow the operating procedures from sample extraction, inspection, to statistics and maintaining of inspection data. Our hygiene management requires all workshop operators to comply with new protocols. All equipment that is in direct contact with honey are all stainless steel materials. Cleaning and Disinfecting history is recorded before and after processing. The laboratory testing equipment should be kept in good working condition and the factory area is required to be kept clear and tidy. The designated person is responsible for neatness, and the goods are piled up according to regulations to maintain a good working environment.

We have established our Guidelines for Bee Feeding Management and Medication internally in managing bee farms. This guideline provided scientific and strict protocols regarding beekeeping materials and personales, bees disease prevention and control, transportation of bees, seasonal management, and feeding, etc.  We focuses on keeping bees healthy and clean with minimum chemical interventions. 

Since 2003, our company has signed a cooperation agreement with more than 100 beekeepers to establish personal files of each beekeeper and to regulate how our beekeepers should maintain bee farms in order to supply for us, including bees migration routes, use of antibiotics for bees, technical issues and troubleshooting, etc. On July 15th and 16th, 2003, we held training conferences Beekeeping Experience and Quality Training. This conference introduced the domestic and foreign markets in detail, our company's bee product inspection standards, and raw material quality requirements. Beekeepers also participated in lectures from leading experts in the field regarding scientific beekeeping, rational use of medicines, clear identification of raw materials, and importance of complete records.