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Standard processing

We obtained the QS production license issued by the Food and Drug Administration;

Export honey pollen enterprises meet the inspection and quarantine filing requirements of export food enterprises and obtain a filing certificate;

The raw materials of our bee products come from the inspection and quarantine filing beekeeping base and the filing beekeeping base;

Our bee product processing establishes and improves quality and safety management and control according to the "Food Safety Law" and "Import and Export Food Management Measures" and operates continuously and effectively.

Our products meet the requirements of laws, regulations, standards or contracts stipulated in the domestic market and the importing region; if there are no relevant standards in the importing region and the contract does not stipulate, they should meet the food safety standards.

The authenticity of our bee products.

Production and processing control

Factory sanitation

Do not run, produce or store other products that hinder food hygiene in the factory area;

The pavement of the plant area is smooth and there is no water accumulation, and there is no exposed ground in the plant area.

There should be proper greening in the plant area, and the greening plants should be non-toxic, without affecting health and food safety.

The toilets in the factory area should have facilities for flushing, washing hands, preventing flies, insects, and rodents. Wall skirts should be constructed with light-colored, smooth, impervious, non-toxic, and corrosion-resistant materials, and kept clean.

The discharge and treatment of waste water and waste materials generated in the process comply with the relevant environmental protection regulations of my country.

Processing workshop cleanliness

Process hygiene

Personnel hygiene and training