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In order to export honey and royal jelly products for traceability, we have established an effective and traceable traceability management system.Trace the label management system required by the management system, and implement label management in raw material acceptance, processing, inspection, storage, transportation and other links.Record in detail the information related to traceability in the production process to ensure the traceability of its products. Any relevant record content should be relevant and continuous, consistent with objective facts.Samples of raw materials and finished product batch numbers of bee products were kept separately, and a sample account was established. The retention time of the sample shall not be less than the shelf life of the product, or the product shall be kept for another year after customs clearance. All records and accounts shall confirm their authenticity and originality.RetrospectiveSee picture:

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We have established a product recall system. When quality and safety problems or possible problems occur in exported products, we can effectively recall unsafe products at a faster speed and with greater limits to ensure consumer safety.